Devoted to the discovery of quality birding hotspots.

Bird-spots.com covers birding locations in Australia.

We bring together a breadth of information about a birding site such as:

  • Accurate and uncluttered maps, showing the main areas of interest for birding, as well as where to park and pertinent navigational features
  • Context photos showing the general terrain and habitats at the site
  • The run-down: What type of birds might you find? What was the author’s experience there? Were there any exotic or rare birds?
  • eBird links to the associated eBird hotspots
  • A “pluses and minuses” summary of the location

For locations new to you, these points can help you make a decision about where to go birding, orienting yourself once there, and what you might find. Our location reviews prioritise satisfying, quality bird encounters in beautiful natural settings.

Follow along or be inspired to create your own birding itinerary with the Trips section. Admire Australia’s wonderful diversity of birds in the Photo Gallery. Find your own new favourite birding spot in the Regions pages.

Updates and news at facebook.com/BirdSpots.

Video collection at Bird Spots YouTube channel.

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