South-West Queensland

South-West Queensland includes part of Channel Country and the shires of Maranoa, Balonne, Paroo, Murweh, Bulloo and Quilpie. It is generally dry outback country with large areas of Mulga, a grey fan-shaped Acacia. Some excellent birding destinations include Currawinya National Park, Diamantina National Park, Idalia National Park, Lake Bindegolly National Park, and Bowra Sanctuary near Cunnamulla, which is managed by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Common birds to look for in this region include Little Corella and Galahs, who flock by the hundreds and even thousands, Budgerigars, and other parrot species such as Bourke’s Parrot and Australian Ringneck (Mallee). Honeyeaters include the numerous White-Plumed Honeyeater; Spiny-Cheeked Honeyeater, as well as Little and Noisy Friarbirds and Orange and Crimson Chats which also fall into the honeyeater family.

Red-Capped and Hooded Robin, Weebills, Zebra Finch, Southern Whiteface, Crested Bellbird, Spotted Bowerbird, a number of Woodswallow species, and all four species of Babbler can all be readily found here. Raptors are also well-represented – the Paroo shire is a known breeding ground for the rare Grey Falcon, while Black and Whistling Kites can be found circling over most townships. Kestrel, Brown Falcon, Goshawks, Sparrowhawks, and the enormous Wedge-Tailed Eagle are all quite easily seen.

Top Hotspots:

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Bowra Sanctuary

Incredibly rewarding place to visit, with abundant birds to satisfy any birder

Lake Bindegolly

Huge lake in the outback with tons of water birds, requiring a 6km-return walk to access

Paroo River crossing, Eulo

Worth a stop to stretch the legs, have a bite to eat, and watch the river to see what might turn up

Quilpie and Lake Houdraman

Likeable outback town with good birds (especially woodswallows) at a few sites nearby

Wallam Creek Camp Area

If you’re camping here or looking for somewhere to overnight and do some birding, it fits the bill well

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