Tasmania features 12 endemic birds found nowhere else. These are Tasmanian Native Hen, Green Rosella, Dusky Robin, Tasmanian Thornbill, Scrubtit, Tasmanian Scrubwren, Yellow Wattlebird, Yellow-Throated Honeyeater, Black-Headed Honeyeater, Strong-Billed Honeyeater, Black Currawong and Forty-Spotted Pardalote.

There are many other bird species found in Tassie, notably water and sea birds like various Albatross, Penguins and Shearwaters, which are seen more easily here and on pelagic trips from Tasmania than elsewhere.

However, don’t expect to see the large species counts you might find in other parts of Australia, such as the huge 282 species count of Townsville Common, for example. The top hotspots in Tasmania generally do not have more than 130 species, and (speaking very broadly), being a cold climate island there are simply less birds around. You might wander through large swathes of forest and wonder where they all are. That said, the hotspots we recommend below are all worth visiting if you do find yourself birding in Tasmania.

Top hotspots include:

More maps and write-ups of some of these areas coming soon!

Cape Bruny

Some good birding options with scenery on South Bruny Island

Cape Queen Elizabeth Track

Pleasant easy walk with really good birds on Bruny Island

Cataract Gorge

Awesome but touristy spot in Launceston with many non-native birds

Fluted Cape and Bruny Island Cruises

Compact area with varied and worthwhile birding opportunities including cape and forest walking and a worthwhile boat cruise

Gould’s Lagoon

Small and not very picturesque bird-rich wetland in north Hobart

Inala Reserve – Jurassic Garden

Renowned private conservation reserve with amazing birdlife on South Bruny Island

Lake St Clair (visitor centre tracks)

Good network of trails and amazing visitor centre with reasonable birding

Port Arthur

Unexpectedly good birding amongst the garden areas of this historic site

Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens

Lovely gardens with terrific bird activity right in the middle of Hobart

Saintys Creek and Cloudy Bay

Good place for endemic honeyeaters and coastal birds on South Bruny Island

Tamar Island Wetlands

Intriguing bird-filled riverside wetlands with excellent walkway and island

Tasman Arch and Blowhole

Scenic area with interesting tracks and lookouts and a few birds

Wellington Park

Mixture of forest types in a vast track network with some good birding, right on Hobart’s doorstep

Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Track

Stunning scenery, with quality over quantity when it comes to birdlife

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