Oxley Creek Common, revisited

In our Revisited series of posts, we report on previously-covered birding locations, re-evaluating what we said about the location and providing a deeper, more considered opinion based on multiple subsequent visits. Oxley Creek Common (OCC) is without doubt one of Brisbane’s premier birding locations, just recently exceeding a whopping count of 5000 eBird checklists. IContinue reading “Oxley Creek Common, revisited”

Pine Creek, Aug 2021

[A stop on the Darwin and Kakadu Trip, Aug-Sep 2021 trip] Pine Creek is a small town 225km south of Darwin, 92km north of Katherine, and somewhere you might find yourself passing through on the way onto or from the Kakadu Highway, which starts just outside the town. Weirdly, none of the tourist websites for Pine CreekContinue reading “Pine Creek, Aug 2021”

BirdSpots: What’s It All About?

A compendium of places to see wild birds. But not just see birds: to have quality birding encounters in beautiful natural settings. Our philosophy is that the whole birding experience is valuable, not just ticking species off a checklist. Is the forest or beach or wetland worth spending time in, regardless of the birdlife orContinue reading “BirdSpots: What’s It All About?”