Litchfield + Katherine + Kununurra trip, 2022

The Dream Team, subtly renaming themselves to The Team With The Dream, took themselves off to the Northern Territory in July 2022 to chase birds, and especially those cute little denizens of the grasses, the finches. It was our second trip to the Top End after a successful birding expedition to Darwin and Kakadu inContinue reading “Litchfield + Katherine + Kununurra trip, 2022”

Holmes Jungle, Aug 2021

[A stop on the Darwin and Kakadu Trip, Aug-Sep 2021 trip] Holmes Jungle is a 250 hectare nature reserve on Darwin’s eastern fringes. Don’t let the name put you off: it’s not all jungle! There’s a range of different habitats and therefore many different bird species here. Entry is via a well-signed turn-off from Vanderlin Drive. OfficiallyContinue reading “Holmes Jungle, Aug 2021”

East Point, Darwin, Aug-Sep 2021

[A stop on the Darwin and Kakadu Trip, Aug-Sep 2021 trip] East Point is a massive (200 hectares) reserve poking out into the ocean on the edge of Darwin. It contains two playgrounds, a lake, exercise stations, public toilets, BBQ and picnic facilities, restaurants and cafes, and a resident population of wallabies. There is a military museumContinue reading “East Point, Darwin, Aug-Sep 2021”

Darwin and Kakadu Trip, Aug-Sep 2021

Three of us took ten days out of our busy lives to travel to the Northern Territory to seek out the beautiful and exotic birds of the Top End. Darwin: The Top Of The Top End We had barely arrived in mid-afternoon when the inevitable question arose… where to go first? The answer being: theContinue reading “Darwin and Kakadu Trip, Aug-Sep 2021”