Lake Galletly, 2021-2022

Summary: Excellent compact site with bird hides for uncommon duck and water bird species Dates of visit: Jun 27 2021, Oct 17 2021, Mar 20 2022, Jul 17 2022, Aug 23 2022, Oct 30 2022 Lake Galletly, within the grounds of the UQ Gatton Campus, is a well-known birding site (at least to seasoned birders)Continue reading “Lake Galletly, 2021-2022”

Kingfisher Park Lodge, Nov 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree, 2021 trip] The famed Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge in Julatten, Queensland is truly a very special place. This is reflected in its eBird all-time species count, which places it as the #4 birding hotspot in all of Australia. What’s interesting though is that if you filter eBird’s top AustralianContinue reading “Kingfisher Park Lodge, Nov 2021”

Michaelmas Cay, Apr 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree trip, 2021 trip] What would you think about taking a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef and being dumped on a tiny remote sandy island for an hour? If you’re a birder, and that tiny sand island is Michaelmas Cay, you’ll absolutely love it! MichaelmasContinue reading “Michaelmas Cay, Apr 2021”

Forest Lake, 2021-2022

Summary: Beautiful suburban lake which is fantastic for bird photography Dates of visits: Apr 8 2021, Feb 10 2022, Mar 8 2022, Jun 8 2022 Forest Lake is the man-made lake (completed in 1994) upon which the surrounding suburb is named, and is located in the south-west of Brisbane, reasonably easily reached via the CentenaryContinue reading “Forest Lake, 2021-2022”

Inala Reserve – Jurassic Garden, Jan 2021

Summary: Renowned private conservation reserve with amazing birdlife Date of visit: Jan 30, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] I only spent an hour and a half at Inala Reserve on Bruny Island, but it was one of the best short birding sessions I’ve ever had. And little wonder: the site boasts 95Continue reading “Inala Reserve – Jurassic Garden, Jan 2021”

Mosquito Creek Road, Jan 2021

Summary: Country back road birding at its finest Dates of visit: Jan 1, 2 and 10, 2021 Mosquito Creek Road lies off the Cunningham Highway directly north of Coolmunda Dam, around 3 hours west of Brisbane. At first glance it may appear like a regular, nondescript country road, but it has a well-deserved reputation asContinue reading “Mosquito Creek Road, Jan 2021”

Atkinson Dam, 2020-2021

Summary: Superb location for water birds, raptors, grassbirds and many others. Dates of visit: Nov 26, 2020, and Jan 3, May 27, June 27 2021 I have a real soft spot for Atkinson Dam, a reservoir in flat rural country about an hour’s drive west of Brisbane and not too near anything much at all.Continue reading “Atkinson Dam, 2020-2021”

Sandy Camp Road Wetlands, 2020-2021

Summary: Excellent birding site where water birds and bush birds are both in wonderful abundance. Dates of visit: Nov 21 2020 and Jan 15, Mar 4, Jun 28 2021 Having visited Sandy Camp Wetlands several times now, I think of it in the same vein as Oxley Creek Common – that is, an excellent placeContinue reading “Sandy Camp Road Wetlands, 2020-2021”