Bunyaville Conservation Park, 2021-2023

Summary: Large eucalypt-dominated forest with many biking tracks that can be hit-and-miss for birds Dates of visit: Mar 25, 2021 and Mar 7, 2023 Bunyaville Conservation Park, established in 1917, is one of the larger forest parks in Brisbane, and lies on the northside in the suburb of Bunya. It should definitely not be confusedContinue reading “Bunyaville Conservation Park, 2021-2023”

Postman’s Track, Feb 2021

Summary: Well-located hotspot with potential for large number of bird species Date of visit: Feb 21, 2021 The Samford district north-west of Brisbane hosts an impressive collection of birding hotspots. A bonanza of habitats and birds result from its location on the eastern edge of the D’Aguilar range where it meets Moreton Bay catchments. The two hotspotContinue reading “Postman’s Track, Feb 2021”

Southport Pelagic, 2021-2022

Summary: A full day of seabird spotting on the big bad ocean Dates of visits: Dec 18 2021 and Apr 16 2022 Pelagic boat trips are generally volunteer-organised events held once a month (depending on location) where a small group of enthusiastic birders head out to the open sea on a chartered vessel in searchContinue reading “Southport Pelagic, 2021-2022”

Sam’s Track, Jan 2023

Summary: Out-of-the-way bush birding site reliable for some harder-to-find species Date of visit: 27 Jan, 2023 Sam’s Track is 1 hour 20 west of Toowoomba, and feels like the proverbial middle of nowhere. The track itself is totally unmarked and the entry difficult to find if you don’t know it’s there, and there’s not muchContinue reading “Sam’s Track, Jan 2023”

Highfields Falls, 2021-2023

Summary: A pleasant area for a variety of forest birds near Toowoomba Dates of visits: May 21 & Dec 31 2021, Jan 28 2023 Highfields Falls is about 12km north of Toowoomba in south-east Queensland and provides a great little stop for a variety of birds and some enjoyable (if sometimes hilly) walking. We’ve alwaysContinue reading “Highfields Falls, 2021-2023”

Shorncliffe Pier and Headland, 2021-2022

Summary: Scenic birding with good chances of Gannets and raptors on the shores of Moreton Bay Dates of visit: Jun 21 2021, Mar 6 & Nov 8 2022 Well, there are definitely worse places to go birding. If you like the ocean, the sun shining on the bay, some diving seabirds and a sprinkling ofContinue reading “Shorncliffe Pier and Headland, 2021-2022”

Stumers Creek, 2021-2022

Summary: Excellent creek-side birding trail with grass tree side-track Date of visits: Oct 29&30 2021, Nov 4&5 2022 How good does a birding site have to be for you to excitedly return the day after discovering it? Pretty good, I’d say, and Stumers Creek in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is just suchContinue reading “Stumers Creek, 2021-2022”

Noosa Headland, 2021-2022

Summary: Satisfying coastal and forest birding with some decent scenery Dates of visits: May 15 2021, Nov 5 2022 Noosa National Park consists of three separate sections, of which the headlands is the largest. It is situated immediately to the east of the resort town of Noosa Heads, and is in fact within easy walkingContinue reading “Noosa Headland, 2021-2022”