Southport Pelagic, 2021-2022

Summary: A full day of seabird spotting on the big bad ocean Dates of visits: Dec 18 2021 and Apr 16 2022 Pelagic boat trips are generally volunteer-organised events held once a month (depending on location) where a small group of enthusiastic birders head out to the open sea on a chartered vessel in searchContinue reading “Southport Pelagic, 2021-2022”

Fluted Cape and Bruny Island Cruises, Feb 2021

Summary: A compact area with varied and worthwhile birding opportunities including cape and forest walking and a worthwhile boat cruise Date of visit: 1 Feb 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] If you find yourself at Adventure Bay, on the eastern side of South Bruny Island, not only are you in a very picturesqueContinue reading “Fluted Cape and Bruny Island Cruises, Feb 2021”