Southport Pelagic, 2021-2022

Summary: A full day of seabird spotting on the big bad ocean Dates of visits: Dec 18 2021 and Apr 16 2022 Pelagic boat trips are generally volunteer-organised events held once a month (depending on location) where a small group of enthusiastic birders head out to the open sea on a chartered vessel in searchContinue reading “Southport Pelagic, 2021-2022”

Springbrook Twin Falls Circuit, Mar 2021

Summary: Superlative short bushwalk with good rainforest birds Date of visit: March 2, 2021 Springbrook lies in the Gold Coast hinterland in South-East Queensland, about half an hour from the main highway. It’s a little slice of heaven at high altitude, featuring several stunning lookouts and superlative waterfall-strewn bushwalks, and is much quicker to accessContinue reading “Springbrook Twin Falls Circuit, Mar 2021”

Federation Walk, Jan/Jun 2021

Summary: Sandy coastal trail with some good bird encounters possible Dates of visit: Jan 23 2021 and Jun 13 2021 Federation Walk is a 3.5km track (plus side-trails) on The Spit at the Gold Coast. It comprises 93 hectares of rolling sand dune and coastal vegetation lying between the Southport Broadwater area and the PacificContinue reading “Federation Walk, Jan/Jun 2021”

Belliss Rd, Nerang, Dec 2020-Aug 2021

Summary: A delightful patch of creekside rainforest with good birds Dates of visits: Dec 28 2020 and Aug 17 2021 Most birders associate rainforest near the Gold Coast with the hinterland, being Lamington National Park, Springbrook and the like, which require long and winding roads to travel to. But there is also a worthwhile littleContinue reading “Belliss Rd, Nerang, Dec 2020-Aug 2021”

Aqua Promenade, Nov 2020

Summary: Compact creek/lake location with some interesting birds Date of visit: Nov 15, 2020 Aqua Promenade is the name of a road that loosely follows the upper reaches of the Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast. In this post I’m also including Robert Neumann Park which is at the northern end of the road, thoughContinue reading “Aqua Promenade, Nov 2020”

Lamington National Park, O’Reilly’s end, Nov 2020

Summary: Incredible hotspot for almost-tame rainforest birds along with awesome bushwalking Dates of visit: Nov 4 to 9, 2020 Lamington National Park. Of all the excellent places to see birds in South-East Queensland, this is the only one listed in Australian Geographic’s book Australia’s Birdwatching Megaspots. That’s a lot to live up to! As thereContinue reading “Lamington National Park, O’Reilly’s end, Nov 2020”

Eddie Kornhauser Reserve, Sep 2020

Summary: Large park with water areas and some good birds Date of visit: 28 Sep, 2020 After having a pretty good time at Schuster Park on the Gold Coast, one wonders whether the big green area to its south, called Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve, could afford an equally good birding experience. Well, it’s kind ofContinue reading “Eddie Kornhauser Reserve, Sep 2020”

Schuster Park, Sep 2020

Summary: Large suburban park with a few excellent bird habitats Date of visit: Sep 26, 2020 Schuster Park is a sprawling suburban park on the Gold Coast set along the Tallebudgera Creek. It was previously part of a dairy farm owned by Joe Schuster and his family, and is approximately 68 hectares in size. BestContinue reading “Schuster Park, Sep 2020”

Pimpana River Conservation Area, Sep 2020

Summary: Troublesome to explore, rarely visited, swampy location with some decent birds and maddening mosquitoes Date of visit: Sep 20, 2020 Another well-off-the-beaten-track birding area today, Pimpana River Conservation Park, which lies at the northern end of the city of the Gold Coast. ‘Twas a rainy, gloomy day. A friend and I drove to KerkinContinue reading “Pimpana River Conservation Area, Sep 2020”

Coombabah Conservation Area, Aug 2020

Summary: Huge, premier birding hotspot on the Gold Coast with plenty for the birder happy to do a lot of walking. Date of visit: Aug 23, 2020 Coombabah Conservation Area is an area of 1200 hectares on the northern side of the Gold Coast, that includes wetland, eucalypt forest, mangrove habitat and salt marsh. ItContinue reading “Coombabah Conservation Area, Aug 2020”