Sam’s Track, Jan 2023

Summary: Out-of-the-way bush birding site reliable for some harder-to-find species Date of visit: 27 Jan, 2023 Sam’s Track is 1 hour 20 west of Toowoomba, and feels like the proverbial middle of nowhere. The track itself is totally unmarked and the entry difficult to find if you don’t know it’s there, and there’s not muchContinue reading “Sam’s Track, Jan 2023”

Greenup Meeting Place, Jan 2022

Summary: Superb location for birds with lake and creek frontage Dates of visit: Jan 12 to 14, 2022 Greenup Meeting Place is a 10 acre private farmland property with a range of accommodation options on the south side of Lake Coolmunda. I had intended to stay just one night as I was en route betweenContinue reading “Greenup Meeting Place, Jan 2022”

Mosquito Creek Road, Jan 2021

Summary: Country back road birding at its finest Dates of visit: Jan 1, 2 and 10, 2021 Mosquito Creek Road lies off the Cunningham Highway directly north of Coolmunda Dam, around 3 hours west of Brisbane. At first glance it may appear like a regular, nondescript country road, but it has a well-deserved reputation asContinue reading “Mosquito Creek Road, Jan 2021”

Durikai State Forest, Dec 2020-Jan 2021

Summary: Roadside stops at creeks and waterholes, especially great for honeyeaters Dates of visits: Dec 31, 2020, Jan 2 2021 Disclaimer – This post doesn’t cover all of Durikai Forest, only the most accessible roadside locations. Just 2.5 hours west of Brisbane on the Cunningham Highway you’ll find Durikai State Forest, which I like toContinue reading “Durikai State Forest, Dec 2020-Jan 2021”