Daintree River Cruise, Nov 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree, 2021 trip] The Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland is truly enormous at 1200 square kilometres and is a very special place indeed. One of the highly recommended ways to explore it is via a boat cruise on the Daintree River, and for birders especially this is aContinue reading “Daintree River Cruise, Nov 2021”

Mt Lewis, Nov 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree, 2021 trip] Mount Lewis is a region of highland rainforest within the huge Wet Tropics World Heritage Area of northern Queensland. There is only one road in, Mount Lewis Rd, starting just a kilometre or two north of Julatten. The road has two major sections: from the Mossman-MountContinue reading “Mt Lewis, Nov 2021”

Kingfisher Park Lodge, Nov 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree, 2021 trip] The famed Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge in Julatten, Queensland is truly a very special place. This is reflected in its eBird all-time species count, which places it as the #4 birding hotspot in all of Australia. What’s interesting though is that if you filter eBird’s top AustralianContinue reading “Kingfisher Park Lodge, Nov 2021”

Lake Eacham, Apr 2021

[A stop on the¬†Cairns + Atherton + Daintree,¬†2021 trip] Lake Eacham, part of the Crater Lakes National Park, was once a volcanic crater formed around 9,100 years ago, by magma rising to the surface of the earth’s crust and super-heating the water table, causing massive explosions and craters. It is now isolated from other waterwaysContinue reading “Lake Eacham, Apr 2021”

Springbrook Twin Falls Circuit, Mar 2021

Summary: Superlative short bushwalk with good rainforest birds Date of visit: March 2, 2021 Springbrook lies in the Gold Coast hinterland in South-East Queensland, about half an hour from the main highway. It’s a little slice of heaven at high altitude, featuring several stunning lookouts and superlative waterfall-strewn bushwalks, and is much quicker to accessContinue reading “Springbrook Twin Falls Circuit, Mar 2021”

Cunningham’s Gap – Mt Mitchell, Jan/Sep 2021

Summary: Enjoyable hike passing through a few different bird habitats along the way Dates of visit: Jan 24 and Sep 10, 2021 Mt Mitchell lies on one side of Cunningham’s Gap, a mountain pass of the Great Dividing Range, about 90 minutes from Brisbane. Return to the summit of Mt Mitchell is 10.4km; on theContinue reading “Cunningham’s Gap – Mt Mitchell, Jan/Sep 2021”

Belliss Rd, Nerang, Dec 2020-Aug 2021

Summary: A delightful patch of creekside rainforest with good birds Dates of visits: Dec 28 2020 and Aug 17 2021 Most birders associate rainforest near the Gold Coast with the hinterland, being Lamington National Park, Springbrook and the like, which require long and winding roads to travel to. But there is also a worthwhile littleContinue reading “Belliss Rd, Nerang, Dec 2020-Aug 2021”

Thylogale Track, Dec 2020-Feb 2021

Summary: Lovely 8km track with decent rainforest birds and occasional scenic views Dates of visit: Dec 19, 2020 and Feb 28, 2021 Like Maiala Track at Mt Glorious, the Thylogale Track, which runs between Jolly’s Lookout and the Boombana picnic ground, offers very good rainforest birding. It has the advantage of being much less traffickedContinue reading “Thylogale Track, Dec 2020-Feb 2021”

Lamington National Park, O’Reilly’s end, Nov 2020

Summary: Incredible hotspot for almost-tame rainforest birds along with awesome bushwalking Dates of visit: Nov 4 to 9, 2020 Lamington National Park. Of all the excellent places to see birds in South-East Queensland, this is the only one listed in Australian Geographic’s book Australia’s Birdwatching Megaspots. That’s a lot to live up to! As thereContinue reading “Lamington National Park, O’Reilly’s end, Nov 2020”