Colleges Crossing, Sep-Oct 2020

Summary: Beautiful little spot in an inlet off the Brisbane River with wonderful bird encounters possible Dates of visit: Sep 30, Oct 9 & 20, 2020 Colleges Crossing is one of the nicest birding hotspots between Brisbane and Ipswich. It has a lot going for it: water birds, bush birds and raptors are all present,Continue reading “Colleges Crossing, Sep-Oct 2020”

Kholo Botanic Gardens, Sep 2020

Summary: Lovely lesser-known botanic gardens with a few birds Date of visit: Sep 30, 2020 There are plenty of great birding spots in the “near west” of Brisbane: Anstead Bushland and SES Depot come to mind; Lake Manchester; Prior’s Pocket and Colleges Crossing, just to name a few! Kholo Gardens is possibly easily overlooked inContinue reading “Kholo Botanic Gardens, Sep 2020”