Daintree River Cruise, Nov 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree, 2021 trip] The Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland is truly enormous at 1200 square kilometres and is a very special place indeed. One of the highly recommended ways to explore it is via a boat cruise on the Daintree River, and for birders especially this is aContinue reading “Daintree River Cruise, Nov 2021”

Tamar Island Wetlands, Feb 2021

Summary: Intriguing bird-filled riverside wetlands with excellent walkway and island Date of visit: Feb 7, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] Wetlands are typically of interest to keen birders, but less so to the average punter, who just sees swampy marsh and a few ducks and wonders what all the fuss is about whileContinue reading “Tamar Island Wetlands, Feb 2021”

O’Shannassy River Crossing, Jul 2021

[A stop on the West Queensland Trip Jul-Aug 2021 trip] If you find yourself on Riversleigh Road, you’re probably travelling to or from Boodjamulla / Lawn Hill National Park. A stop for birding at the beautiful O’Shannassy River crossing, approximately 20km west of the Gregory-Downs-Camoweal Road, could be well worth your while. It’s worth noting that RiversleighContinue reading “O’Shannassy River Crossing, Jul 2021”

Paroo River crossing, Eulo, Jul 2021

[A stop on the West Queensland Trip Jul-Aug 2021 trip] Barely a kilometre west of the little town of Eulo, on the Adventure Way road, is a crossing of the Paroo River that warrants a stop if you happen to be passing through that way. We stopped at just after midday, not the optimal time of dayContinue reading “Paroo River crossing, Eulo, Jul 2021”

Anstead SES Depot, Oct 2020

Summary: Excellent birding location right near Anstead Bushland Reserve. Dates of visit: Oct 20, Dec 6 2020 Anstead SES Depot is a strange spot that doesn’t seem to be shown as bush- or park-land on any maps. In fact, there isn’t much general information about this place anywhere. But it’s definitely there, and it’s aContinue reading “Anstead SES Depot, Oct 2020”

Colleges Crossing, Sep-Oct 2020

Summary: Beautiful little spot in an inlet off the Brisbane River with wonderful bird encounters possible Dates of visit: Sep 30, Oct 9 & 20, 2020 Colleges Crossing is one of the nicest birding hotspots between Brisbane and Ipswich. It has a lot going for it: water birds, bush birds and raptors are all present,Continue reading “Colleges Crossing, Sep-Oct 2020”

Kholo Botanic Gardens, Sep 2020

Summary: Lovely lesser-known botanic gardens with a few birds Date of visit: Sep 30, 2020 There are plenty of great birding spots in the “near west” of Brisbane: Anstead Bushland and SES Depot come to mind; Lake Manchester; Prior’s Pocket and Colleges Crossing, just to name a few! Kholo Gardens is possibly easily overlooked inContinue reading “Kholo Botanic Gardens, Sep 2020”

Eagleby Wetlands, Aug 2020

Summary: One of the premier birding spots in Brisbane: easy access, mix of bush and lake and river side, bird hides, great bird diversity. This author’s best birding experience thus far. Date of visit: Aug 22, 2020 (plus revisit Sep 18, 2020) Eagleby Wetlands will forever hold a place in this keen birder’s heart asContinue reading “Eagleby Wetlands, Aug 2020”

Anstead Bushland Reserve, Aug 2020

Summary:Good spot for bush bird diversity out west of Brisbane Date of visit: Aug 20, 2020 At 80 hectares Anstead Bushland Reserve is quite sizable and boasts of being “the largest Brisbane City Council owned natural area on the Brisbane River”. Access is from a couple of points along Hawkesbury Road, though the access nearestContinue reading “Anstead Bushland Reserve, Aug 2020”