Flat Rock, Ballina, 2022-2023

Summary: Tidal outcrop offering terrific close encounters with terns and other birds Dates of visit: Apr 26 2022, Apr 5 and 11 2023 Flat Rock is a tidal rocky outcrop just north-east of the town of Ballina on the northern NSW coast. It’s a great place to watch terns and a mixture of other seabirdsContinue reading “Flat Rock, Ballina, 2022-2023”

Norfolk Island, Oct 2022

Summary: Lovely isolated island with a couple of alluring endemic species and excellent seabird watching from windy headlands Date of visit: Oct 6 to 11, 2022 Norfolk Island is an Australian external territory in the Pacific Ocean island about 1450km east of Brisbane. It makes for an intriguing birding destination due to a couple ofContinue reading “Norfolk Island, Oct 2022”

Michaelmas Cay, Apr 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree trip, 2021 trip] What would you think about taking a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef and being dumped on a tiny remote sandy island for an hour? If you’re a birder, and that tiny sand island is Michaelmas Cay, you’ll absolutely love it! MichaelmasContinue reading “Michaelmas Cay, Apr 2021”