Kingfisher Park Lodge, Nov 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree, 2021 trip] The famed Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge in Julatten, Queensland is truly a very special place. This is reflected in its eBird all-time species count, which places it as the #4 birding hotspot in all of Australia. What’s interesting though is that if you filter eBird’s top AustralianContinue reading “Kingfisher Park Lodge, Nov 2021”

Lake Eacham, Apr 2021

[A stop on the¬†Cairns + Atherton + Daintree,¬†2021 trip] Lake Eacham, part of the Crater Lakes National Park, was once a volcanic crater formed around 9,100 years ago, by magma rising to the surface of the earth’s crust and super-heating the water table, causing massive explosions and craters. It is now isolated from other waterwaysContinue reading “Lake Eacham, Apr 2021”

Cattana Wetlands, Apr 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree trip, 2021 trip] Cattana Wetlands is a relatively new site of 80 hectares, located about 15km north of Cairns. Its proximity to Cairns and its excellent set-up for birding, as well as a very respectable 243 species recorded on eBird (putting it in the top 20 sites inContinue reading “Cattana Wetlands, Apr 2021”

Centenary Lakes and Cairns Botanic Gardens, Apr 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree trip, 2021 trip] Centenary Lakes and the adjoining Botanic Gardens is a sprawling site with many varied habitats and vegetation sections. It sits a mere 3km north of the Cairns CBD and so is very easily accessible for birding, and furthermore has access to the massive MtContinue reading “Centenary Lakes and Cairns Botanic Gardens, Apr 2021”

Cairns Esplanade, Apr 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree trip, 2021 trip] How good does a birding hotspot have to be to be the #3 all-time eBird hotspot in Australia? Pretty darned good, you’d expect, and with 278 species recorded, Cairns Esplanade is that spot. Even more surprising, there’s not a forest in sight – instead it’s beachContinue reading “Cairns Esplanade, Apr 2021”

Michaelmas Cay, Apr 2021

[A stop on the Cairns + Atherton + Daintree trip, 2021 trip] What would you think about taking a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef and being dumped on a tiny remote sandy island for an hour? If you’re a birder, and that tiny sand island is Michaelmas Cay, you’ll absolutely love it! MichaelmasContinue reading “Michaelmas Cay, Apr 2021”

Forest Lake, 2021-2022

Summary: Beautiful suburban lake which is fantastic for bird photography Dates of visits: Apr 8 2021, Feb 10 2022, Mar 8 2022, Jun 8 2022 Forest Lake is the man-made lake (completed in 1994) upon which the surrounding suburb is named, and is located in the south-west of Brisbane, reasonably easily reached via the CentenaryContinue reading “Forest Lake, 2021-2022”

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Mar-Dec 2021

Summary: Lovely manicured gardens with birds just waiting to be photographed Dates of visit: Mar 26 2021, Oct 8 2021, Dec 12 2021 I’ve had some awesome birding experiences in botanic gardens around Australia, with George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens (Darwin) and the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens (Hobart) providing some very fond memories of birdContinue reading “Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens, Mar-Dec 2021”

John Oxley Reserve, Mar 2021

Summary: Good birds to be found in a short paved path and mangrove boardwalk loop Date of visit: Mar 14, 2021 John Oxley Reserve lies on Brisbane’s northside and is basically a rectangle containing sports fields and bushland/mangroves bordering the North Pine River. It contains a very well-constructed path and a boardwalk circuit, and boastsContinue reading “John Oxley Reserve, Mar 2021”