Springbrook Twin Falls Circuit, Mar 2021

Summary: Superlative short bushwalk with good rainforest birds Date of visit: March 2, 2021 Springbrook lies in the Gold Coast hinterland in South-East Queensland, about half an hour from the main highway. It’s a little slice of heaven at high altitude, featuring several stunning lookouts and superlative waterfall-strewn bushwalks, and is much quicker to accessContinue reading “Springbrook Twin Falls Circuit, Mar 2021”

Nudgee Beach, Feb & Oct 2021

Summary: Large beach good for waders and Osprey, with creek exploration options for the more adventurous Dates of visit: Feb 26 and Oct 24, 2021 Replace “sun, surf and sand” with “sun, mud and wading birds” and you describe Nudgee Beach at low tide in a nutshell. It’s an expansive area with widescreen vistas andContinue reading “Nudgee Beach, Feb & Oct 2021”

Wellington Park, Feb 2021

Summary: Mixture of forest types right on Hobart’s doorstep with some good birding Dates of visit: Feb 10 & 13, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] It’s got to be quite special having bird-rich patches of dense forest right on the edge of your state’s capital city. Brisbane has the rainforest of D’Aguilar National ParkContinue reading “Wellington Park, Feb 2021”

Gould’s Lagoon, Feb 2021

Summary: Small and not very picturesque bird-rich wetland in north Hobart Date of visit: Feb 11, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] Unlike the all-around appeal of Tamar Wetlands in Launceston, one feels that Gould’s Lagoon may be only for the true birder aficionado. It boasts an impressive 103 species, but isn’t the most scenicContinue reading “Gould’s Lagoon, Feb 2021”

Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens, Feb 2021

Summary: Lovely gardens with terrific bird activity right in the middle of Hobart Date of visit: Feb 11, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] Botanic gardens can be fantastic for birding and especially for bird photography: they’re usually easy to get to, easy to navigate and explore, there are plenty of interesting trees andContinue reading “Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens, Feb 2021”

Lake St Clair, Feb 2021

Summary: Good network of trails and amazing visitor centre with reasonable birding Date of visit: Feb 9, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] Lake St Clair is a large lake that sits at the southernmost end of the famous Overland Track, a multi-day hike that begins many miles north at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.Continue reading “Lake St Clair, Feb 2021”

Tamar Island Wetlands, Feb 2021

Summary: Intriguing bird-filled riverside wetlands with excellent walkway and island Date of visit: Feb 7, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] Wetlands are typically of interest to keen birders, but less so to the average punter, who just sees swampy marsh and a few ducks and wonders what all the fuss is about whileContinue reading “Tamar Island Wetlands, Feb 2021”

Cataract Gorge, Feb 2021

Summary: Awesome but touristy spot in Launceston with many non-native birds Date of visit: Feb 6, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] If you’re tearing around Tasmania knocking off the tourist hotspots one by one, you’ll probably find yourself at some point at Cataract Gorge Reserve in Launceston. And a touristy spot it isContinue reading “Cataract Gorge, Feb 2021”

Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit, Feb 2021

Summary: Stunning scenery, with quality over quantity when it comes to birdlife Date of visit: Feb 4, 2021 [A stop on the Tasmania Trip, Jan-Feb 2021 trip] Wineglass Bay is one of Tasmania’s iconic regions, and little wonder: it is an incredibly scenic place. It’s part of the Freycinet National Park, Tassie’s oldest park founded in 1916, aContinue reading “Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach Circuit, Feb 2021”